Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council

The Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Council (MLALC) is an incorporated body constituted under the amended ALR Act, with the objective to improve, protect and foster the best interests of all Aboriginal persons within the Council’s area and other persons who are members of the Council.

The MLALC is a significant organisation within the Aboriginal community, working towards caring for Country and improving the lives of Aboriginal people in their region.

The MLALC covers 24 LGAs in NSW including the following in Greater Sydney:

Inner West Council

Canterbury Bankstown Council

Bayside Council

Burwood Council

Canada Bay Council

Hornsby Shire Council

Lane Cove Council

Hunters Hill Council

Georges River Council

Hawkesbury City Council

Ku-ring-gai Council

Northern Beaches Council

Mosman Council

Parramatta Council

City of Ryde Council

Strathfield Council

City of Sydney Council

Willoughby Council

The Hills Shire Council

The MLALC operates in accordance with the ALR Act by utilising its land and assets to provide for the sustainability of its business and the needs of the Aboriginal community.

The functions of the MLALC include:

As the cultural custodian of Sydney, MLALC has the responsibility to protect and preserve all Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Protect the interests of Aboriginal persons in its area in relation to the acquisition, management, use, control and disposal of land;

Take action to protect the culture and heritage of Aboriginal persons in the Council’s area, subject to any other law;

Manage the investment of any assets of the Council in accordance with the ALR Act and its community, land and business plan;

Facilitate business enterprise in accordance with the ALR Act, and the regulations, and consistency with the community, land and business plan.

MLALC are a democratically elected organisation that works to improve, foster, and protect the best interests of Aboriginal people within our boundaries.  The area we are responsible for encompasses much of the Sydney Basin and stretches from the Hawkesbury River in the North to the Georges River in the South and west to Homebush, Dural, and the Yengo National Park.

MLALC has run scores of community programs to better the lives of Aboriginal people in Sydney.  These have included assistance for elderly Stolen Generations members to return to Country, campaigns to overcome violence in the community and the establishment of representative bodies with other community-controlled organisations to present a united voice to government.

MLALC is called upon to perform cultural and heritage assessments and Welcomes to Country at major sporting, cultural and political events, including visits by current and former heads of state.

MLALC representatives have delivered Welcomes to various sporting events such as the Olympic Games, Women’s FIFA World Cup, cricket tests, Rugby Union and NRL Grand Finals.  They have also welcomed dignitaries such as, The Pope, Dalai Lama, Barak Obama, Hilary Clinton, Narendra Modi, and the then Prince Charles to Sydney.

MLALC campaigns return the remains of Sydney Aboriginal people back to their own country.  They were involved in the largest ever repatriation of Aboriginal remains to a metropolitan Aboriginal community with the remains of more than 70 people being reburied within national parks within Sydney. The remains of thousands of Aboriginal people still languish in European museums and universities after being stolen from their graves in the 19th century.